The History of AltMarket is the History of Cryptocurrency

We are cryptocurrency.

Deeply rooted in the cryptocurrency community, the founders of AltMarket are those who, with the help of countless others, constructed the basic market economics which operates the industry.

As a result, our team understands the markets better than anyone else on the planet and enjoys the global reputation to prove it. Others might claim to know this industry, but AltMarket is cryptocurrency.

October 2013
March of the Altcoins

The innnovation of cryptocurrency technology leads to a wave of experimentation, collaboration, innovation, and research. Thousands of "alternative coins," or simply "altcoins," invade the markets as the product of these efforts, many of them launched by our founders.

March 2014
The First Attempt

The first attempt at launching AltMarket ended in a protracted pause as the lack of regulatory guidance made serving the entertainment industry impossible.

June 2016
The Right Moment

The founders of AltMarket begin to formulate a long term strategy to capitalize on overall sentiment for cryptocurrencies as part of the operational plan. Public relations masters AMW Group are called to consult.

June 2017

The current incarnation of AltMarket is born and built to last. With a firm grasp on a market strategy, the team officially forms the company.

March 2018
Lobbying Congress

The AltMarket team travels to Washington DC and successfully lobbies for commodity status of cryptocurrencies, including having a special hearing called on the matter by the House Committee on Agriculture. Co-Founder Bryce Weiner became the first cryptocurrency developer to meet face-to-face with the Securities Exchange Commission to discuss cryptocurrencies and regulation.

October 2018

Launching a cryptocurrency for the estate of Russel "Ol' Dirty Bastard" Jones, AltMarket demonstrates the execution and monetization of a branded cryptocurrency as a commodity.

March 2019
Markets open

Five years since the first attempt, trading begins on the AltMarket platform.

  • “The most valuable commodity in this industry is trust. The second most valuable is a new idea.”
    Bryce Weiner